About us

Säsi is a small brewery, where kombucha and water kefir are made with ancient traditions.

We brew unpasteurised handmade kombucha and waterkefir, because only this way the drinks keep their true character and authentic taste. We use only high quality organic ingredients that are carefully chosen: unrefined cane sugar in aromatic black or green tea. Bubbles in our drinks are not from carbon dioxide, but are produced naturally by second fermentation. The proof of live drink may be found in the bottle: little new scoby floating around.

We have devoted to offer only the best kombucha and water kefir, thats why we have gathered knowledge and worked with top scientists and brewers from all over the world.

We are very proud that the President of Estonia chose our Blackcurrant kombucha for the official nonalcoholic drink to welcome her guests in 2017 reception.

We love our job and want to offer the best true kombucha. Enjoy and embrace this power!