Kombucha has been made already for thousand years. It is a tea with sugar fermented by scoby (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast).

Kombucha is full of beneficial bacteria, different vitamins, organic acids, polyphenols and ensyme, which all support our body and its positive processes. In addition it has a natural bubble that not only makes it taste good, but also helps body to absorb all the good stuff. Research confirmes that consuming kombucha regularly will boost immunity, detox and energize the body and help with joint issues. But above all it is just a tasty alternative to carbonated soft drinks that are full of sugar!




A Fizzy and sourly drink that slakes you thirst and charges your body with energy. Remember the sparkly healthy lemonade from the weird looking jar on top of the grandmothers fridge. This is it. Our classical kombucha is as natural as it can be!


In additon to cooling your body, peppermint also brings peace and balance to your mind. If you love cool vibes this kombucha is for you!


The secret of eternal youth is hidden in this kombucha. Sage has been considered a treasure for centuries. This inspired us to catch taste and virtues of the worthy herb into the bottle. Very aromatic drink with a true character!


Our strawberry kombucha is fresh, sparkly and sweet.  A perfect choice to everyone who prefer milder taste. For children this taste is a great introduction to the kombucha world!


This ruby red kombucha is crisp and intensive. It’s natural bubble and fine taste make it a perfect greeting for special guests and occasions, as did our President on the 99th anniversary of Estonia.